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January 23, 2024Mysteries
Nestled in the verdant landscapes of Japan’s Nara prefecture lies a mystifying relic of the past, known as the Rock Ship of Masuda (ak
April 28, 2023Mysteries
The Dropa Stones consist of 716 circular stone discs, each measuring approximately 30 cm in diameter, with inscriptions resembling hieroglyp
April 28, 2023Mysteries
Where are the remains of Saint Peter, the renowned father of the Christian Church, buried? The many secrets about Saint Peter's remains have
September 17, 2023Featured
Ark of the Covenant, also known as the Ark of God or Ark of the Testimony, was an alleged artifact believed to be the most sacred relic of t
April 28, 2023Mysteries
OOPARTS, an abbreviation of "Out-of-Place Artifacts," refers to objects discovered by archaeologists and artifact hunters that seem out of p
April 28, 2023Mysteries
The Holy Lance, also known as the Spear of Destiny, holds great significance in the Christian tradition.
April 27, 2023Mysteries
The enigmatic Mayan crystal skulls have long fascinated scholars and enthusiasts alike.
March 2, 2023Mysteries
In medieval folklore, the Holy Grail was a mystical cup that once contained the blood of Jesus, collected by Joseph of Arimathea.