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Science (derived from the Latin word scientia, meaning "knowledge") is a structured knowledge system that investigates, studies, and interprets social, natural, and artificial phenomena.

The science has its roots in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt around 3500-3000 BC. These two ancient civilizations brought significant contributions to astronomy, mathematics, physics, and medicine, shaping the first stages of Greek science and philosophy.

Then, ancient Greeks developed more complex systems to observe and explain events and phenomena in the physical world.

After the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, much of the ancient knowledge and technologies were lost to Western Europe, which regressed into the so-called Dark Ages.

Today, science seeks to decipher the mysteries of the planet we live on and the great mysteries of the Universe.

We have been studying planet Earth for thousands of years. Yet, it will take another hundreds or even thousands of years before human civilization fully understands our planet's secrets.

But that doesn't stop us from looking bravely into the stars.

The mysteries of the Universe have always intrigued and fascinated the scientific community. The vastness of space hides some of the biggest enigmas - how extensive is the Universe? Is there anything else beyond its borders? Are we alone in the Universe?

For thousands of years, scientists, researchers, astronomers, mathematicians, and physicists have been trying to decipher the secrets hidden far away in distant galaxies. Still, two more unsolved questions arise for every question that finds an answer.

Finally, another important branch of modern science is the study of the brain, mind, and consciousness.

The "science of consciousness" is starting to develop, and knowing the nature of consciousness could have tremendous implications for society. The future of humanity will depend more and more on the state of social consciousness.

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