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In the most general matter, spirituality is the character of everything spiritual and sacred.

Strictly from a religious point of view, spirituality is the process of personal transformation based on different religious concepts and ideals. But the extension of spirituality is exceptionally vast.

For more than one billion Christian believers worldwide, the Bible is a source of wisdom and the cornerstone of their faith.

But at the same time, the Bible is full of mystery and controversy. Over the millennia, the Bible was translated from Hebrew, Aramaic, and even ancient Greek.

And stories changed depending on who was translating the pages.

Many passages currently in the Bible were interpreted, adapted, and modified according to the Catholic Church's need to control the masses. This practice now raises many questions regarding the Bible's veracity.

Apart from the obvious spiritual significance, many texts added later on to the Bible could contain encrypted information. Deciphering the Bible's code could answer many questions.

Michael Drosnin's The Bible Code analyzed the secret code using a special technique called "equidistant letter sequencing." The method was applied to the original Hebrew version of the Bible.

Analyzing the secret code revealed prophecies hidden within the Bible's pages.

After one of the prophecies turned out to be true (the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995), Eliyahu Rips' predictions based on the Bible's secret code have gained traction among conspiracy theory fans.

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