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March 2, 2023Folklore
Bells have been associated with mystical situations and the spirit world since ancient times.
January 23, 2024Unexplained
The world is a vast expanse of wonder, replete with awe-inspiring natural marvels and intriguing man-made constructions.
March 2, 2023Paranormal
Haunted dolls have long fascinated people, capturing the imagination with their eerie presence and dark legends.
May 2, 2023Paranormal
From the chilling Sloss Furnaces in Alabama to the eerie Rookies Corner in Alaska, here are 34 of the most spine-tingling sites in the count
December 3, 2023Paranormal
Haunted hotels have been a source of fascination for many people for generations. From Marilyn Monroe to Charles Dickens, it is said that th
December 3, 2023Paranormal
Among the creepiest places in the world we can include the haunted Aokigahara Forest in Japan, the Stanley Hotel, Culloden Moor, the Hill of